Monday, 7 August 2017

Kiwis at the Worlds, Brazil 2017

Update and Congratulations
The team came through with our best ever placings in a Worlds Comp:

Jonas 19th
Smithy 34th
Derek 113th

NZ Team 14th (beating 5 other 5-man teams)

John Smith, Derek McKee and Jonas Lobitz (travelled up from Chile) are now in Brasilia practicing for the Worlds, with Hagen as manager/driver.

Derek is posting video clips regularly to his Facebook page, so you can keep up there.

John has collected his Laminar, bought from Glauco Pinto.

The UK pilot Ollie Chitty is also video blogging every day from the comp.

The official World's website is here.

You can live track here, from about 4 a.m., if you're keen.

Wolfi is also blogging from the Worlds.

The daily & final RESULTS are available here.