Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dalby Day 7 - April 18 (Last Day)

Weather: NNE 25Kmh winds Heavy coverage of cloud with rain possible in the late afternoon.
Task: Dalby Airport to Millmerran Airport 76Km to the south. Cloud base 5500ft

With pilots having flown over 25hrs so far, the short task to Millmerran Airport was welcomed for the last day. Dense cloud cover did not allow a lot of sun in  but with the dark bases and strong tail wind it looked to be a quick run. This proved to be wrong. The first half of the course was slow and it was hard to find lift. Zeros had to be made the most of until about 35km from goal when good lift was found. About 30 pilots made it to goal with Konrad Heilmann making goal first in 1hr 11min. A great last day task.
Chris Lawry was the first Kiwi in, coming in 2nd followed by Conrad Loten in 4th place

John Durand Snr took out the overall winner
Nils Vesk in second place and Konrad Heilmann came 3rd

Hagen was the highest scoring Kiwi coming 7th followed by John in 10th place, Chris Lawry 12th, Conrad Loten 13th.
Captian Flockheart’s final log entry: “Many Lessons were learnt and will hopefully be applied at the next Dalby Big Air”